Just launched: Big improvements to Hands-On Calculus

We take feedback from our users very seriously here at the School Yourself offices. This week, we launched version 1.3 of Hands-On Calculus and Hands-On Precalculus, which both have lots of new and commonly-asked-about features. If you've already purchased either of these books, you can grab the updated versions for free from iBooks.

Tons more review questions
Many of our users write to us saying that they wished there were more review questions. We heard you! Version 1.3 now has more than 60% more review questions than our previous version. You'll find all of these questions in the new "Practice" widgets at the end of each section of the text. These new practice questions are designed to be a quick review to warm you up for the more difficult challenges in the following widgets.

A better calculator (again)
There are several places in our books where you need a calculator. Luckily, all of our tutorials have a built-in calculator that you can bring up with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, the calculator would sometimes cover the part of the screen that you were looking at. We've introduced a simple fix: you can now move the calculator around the screen by tapping and dragging anywhere on the calculator pad. This should make it much easier to transcribe numbers from the screen onto the calculator.

In addition to these improvements, the new version has some tweaked widgets to assist colorblind users, as we wrote about in an earlier post. We've also fixed a few bugs where the screen could sometimes be unresponsive under certain conditions.

We really love hearing from our users! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, drop us a line at info@schoolyourself.org. Our CEO and CTO both refresh their inboxes obsessively and will probably respond before anyone else on the team even knows that you e-mailed us.


  1. Fortunately, all of our tutorials include a built-in calculator that can be accessed with a single button. Unfortunately, the calculator would occasionally obscure the part of the screen you were looking at. We've implemented a simple solution: you can now move the calculator across the screen simply tapping and dragging anywhere on the calculator pad. Thank you for sharing your insight! Keep up the great work! Continue sharing. Please feel free to browse my website.

  2. This shows that they are really dedicated to customers, and they want to keep making improvements. This method appreciates existing users and also promotes a supportive learning community.

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  3. "Kudos to School Yourself for listening to user feedback and delivering! The addition of more review questions in Hands-On Calculus and Hands-On Precalculus v1.3 is fantastic. These new practice widgets will undoubtedly enhance the learning experience, providing valuable reinforcement for students. Keep up the great work in empowering learners!"
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