A sneak peek at Hands-On Calculus: Part 2

Happy New Year! Over the holidays, our team was still hard at work. One of the coolest things we've been working on is an antiderivative equivalent for our derivative game DDX. In DDX (found in "Hands-On Calculus"), a student can sketch the derivative of a random function with their finger. In this latest game, which we're tentatively calling "Anti-DDX", students now draw antiderivatives of random functions.

On paper, having students draw derivatives and antiderivatives sound pretty similar. But when building game mechanics, the two problems are completely different. In the last few weeks, we overcame that hurdle. Here's a sneak peek at Anti-DDX:

It looks like sin(x) is a possible antiderivative of cos(x). Anti-DDX will ship with Part 2 of "Hands-On Calculus", due out in early 2013!


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  2. Considering the variations in play rules between sketching derivatives and antiderivatives is mind-boggling. How your team maneuvers through this huddle speaks volumes about their dedication and innovativeness. By giving a glimpse of what Anti-DDX entails, students will be able to learn calculus in a practical and interactive way.

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