School Yourself will be presenting at SXSWedu in March!

We have been selected as one of 24 finalists to present at SXSWedu's LAUNCHedu competition. SXSWedu will be in Austin from March 4-7, and the keynote speaker will be... wait for it... Bill Gates!

From SXSWedu: "LAUNCHedu is the premiere destination for promising entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative startup education business products and services. With a diverse audience of education stakeholders ranging from classroom teachers and administrators, to powerful investors and policymakers, LAUNCHedu at SXSWedu offers a unique opportunity to connect with education thought leaders and develop what’s next and new in learning."

We can't wait to make our pitch -- see you in Austin!


  1. A wide spectrum of education stakeholders, including influential investors, legislators, and classroom instructors and administrators free games

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