Version 1.2 is out, and with a better calculator

You don't find too many textbooks with built-in calculators (yet!). Well, the calculator in "Hands-On Calculus" just got a makeover (as you can see in the picture below). Now you can enter whole expressions, rather than evaluating them one number or operation at a time. This ought to make those challenge problems a little easier to tackle (but probably not easier to solve!).

One of the most requested features for "Hands-On Precalculus" was the ability to pause, rewind, and seek the videos. We heard you! Just like in the newer "Hands-On Calculus," our precalculus book now allows you to quickly jump to any point in any of the videos. In addition to these improvements, you can now also log in to our books to keep track of your progress.

The updated version of "Hands-On Precalculus," with the new calculator and a cleaner look for the text, will be available later this week.

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