School Yourself at SXSWedu

We just got back from SXSWedu in Austin, Texas. It was packed with presentations, and we got to meet countless educators, publishers, and investors.

We were named one of the top 6 startups in higher education, but our biggest highlight of the conference was when TASA (the Texas Association of School Administrators) announced that our Hands-On Precalculus ebook would be incorporated into the precalculus curriculum of 14 Texas school districts. It was a great announcement, and they put our ebook up on a projector:

Our CEO Zach was interviewed by the local ABC news at our booth at the Startup Showcase event:

Then we sat down for an interview at the Blogger's Lounge, where we got a chance to talk about our product, our vision, and give a demo of Hands-On Calculus:

After we got back, there was more exciting news: "Hands-On Calculus" became the #1 best-selling textbook iBookstore! Here's what the top charts looked like:

So after a great week in the lovely Southwest, we're back at work in snowy Boston and New York. But we'll leave you with a quote from Bill Gates, who gave the keynote address at SXSWedu:

"What's the difference between a textbook and an assessment? Well, when you get into the digital form, and you have videos and formative tests literally embedded in that textbook experience...there really isn't a boundary, and that's as it should be....It's not just a passive reading experience....There finally are some people looking at whether they can take the entire leap and have the textbooks be fully digital....We're just on that cusp."