School Yourself a finalist in the Harvard President's Challenge

Harvard's President's Challenge (organized by the Innovation Lab at Harvard) has announced the 10 finalists (out of 170 entries) in the inaugural competition, and School Yourself is among them! We were named one of the two finalists in the education category. The finalists will each be awarded $5,000 and summer space at the Innovation Lab (or "iLab" for short). The teams will then be competing at a later Demo Day for a prize of $100,000.

We definitely plan to make great use of the space!

Here's the list of all 10 finalists:

  • SPOUTS of Water’s proposal is to create a self-sustaining ceramic water filter factory in Uganda.
  • Slum Sanitation Solutions proposes placing toilet systems in slums and monetizing the systems by using biodigesters to create fuel and fertilizer from waste.

  • Balanced Kitchen proposes a casual-restaurant concept that offers great-tasting and nutritionally balanced food at competitive prices through interactive menus based on the latest health research.
  • ScentShare plans to harness and capitalize on the power of scent by using odorants on small chips as a virtual placebo to improve personal well-being and to reduce appetite and increase satiety in users.

  • School Yourself proposes bringing books alive for a new generation of students accustomed to interactive games by creating immersive and interactive electronic textbooks in math and science for high school and college students.
  • will enable better peer collaboration on schoolwork, using a nonmonetary incentive scheme and the development of a suite of learning and teaching applications.

  • Revolving Fund Pharmacy proposes tackling issues involving delivery of life-saving medications by creating a supply chain model for government health facilities in Kenya.
  • Vaxess proposes using silk to stabilize vaccines, eliminating the use for cold-chain transport, which lowers distribution costs and puts more vaccines in the hands of people in remote areas and developing countries, where they are needed most.

  • Zoom hopes to bring the car-sharing business model to Indian cities, providing vehicle availability to millions while removing vehicles from the road and reducing miles driven.
  • Essmart proposes bridging the gap between producers of essential technology and global consumers through proposed distribution plans.


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  6. School Yourself is a pioneering platform that harnesses the power of technology to provide personalized, interactive learning experiences for students of all ages and backgrounds. From math and science to language arts and beyond, School Yourself offers a diverse range of courses and resources designed to empower learners to master complex concepts, build critical thinking skills, and unlock their full potential.
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  9. Unlike traditional learning methods, School Yourself incorporates interactive elements within lessons. This includes clickable graphics, in-lesson quizzes, Pokerogue and dynamic animations that make learning more engaging.

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  11. With School Yourself, a ground-breaking Harvard President's Challenge finalist, you can unleash your potential. Take a revolutionary approach to learning right now!